Self Acceptance is a necessary personal development practice that is underestimated. More often if you were to take a moment and reflect, you may recognise that you have an inner critical voice, or a self-judging thinking pattern. These ways of thinking can have a big impact on your day to day life. In my experience through working with a range of clients, these particular patterns of thinking can have a negative impact on how you feel. They can impact your capacity to engage in your life freely and fully. By creating more self-accepting thinking patterns you can feel more empowered, and motivated. You can also feel more energised in your day to day life. So firstly let us consider self-judgement. Self-Judgement: Self-Judgement can create a negative cycle of thinking that can shut us down. It can close us off. It can leaving us feeling stuck and frustrated. Self-criticism can put…

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Negative thinking – How to get unstuck and feel free Do you feel stuck? Do you find yourself constantly battling negative thinking patterns that get in the way of you doing the things you wished you could do? Not sure how to get past those negative thoughts. Not sure how to even address that thinking pattern to change it, or do something more supporting and enabling of yourself. Sometimes without even realising how it has happened you can find yourself feeling stuck. Do you notice yourself being negative towards yourself? And even when you try to untangle from the pattern of negative thinking that you hear going around in your head, its hard to know where to start. So what can you do to support yourself to break this pattern? What can you do to change this current pattern into something more positive and affirming, that will empower and enable…

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