How active personal reflection is a priceless opportunity

How active personal reflection is a priceless opportunity

When you stop and pause for a moment, do you recognise that there are times when you just go from day to day? Do you ever take time to really pause to consider what you are feeling? What are you learning day to day? Can you do anything to improve and support yourself going forward? Active personal reflection is a valuable resource in achieving this.

Personal reflection offers a priceless opportunity for personal growth. Developing an ongoing reflective practice is underestimated. It offers real value in regard to wellbeing and personal growth. Self reflection is an essential aspect of what facilitates personal growth, personal fulfilment, and achieving your true potential.

Opportunity for Personal Growth:

Firstly, developing your reflective skills and adapting to a reflective state of mind will support you in creating a deeper level of self-awareness. Emotional intelligence and wellbeing levels are also improved. All of which positively influence you in achieving your true potential. Reflective skills help you identify those emotions/triggers and responses that may need addressing. They help you to consider next steps. While identify areas for learning. Thus facilitating your ongoing personal growth.  

Furthermore, this process involves taking time to check in with yourself each day. It includes giving yourself time to reflect on what emotions you have felt and why. The process encourages you to acknowledge what you did well. As well as helps you to re-consider what situations you would like to have handled differently. It gives you the time to identify what parts of your day you are grateful for. Along with the parts that were a struggle. Which in turn helps you assess how you might address these struggle areas going forward.

These reflections provide you with the information you need to assess your needs and areas for potential growth. This process proactively supports you in maintaining an ongoing sense of wellbeing. Which facilitates a deepening self-awareness and self-knowledge. And in turn better informs you going forward. Thus when you know better you have the opportunity to do better.

Establishing a Reflective practice:

Secondly, adapting to a reflective state of mind will take time and effort. But with practice, it will become second nature. It will become a natural part of your day-to-day life. A more proactive personal reflection practice requires planning and commitment. It is also important to note that it is a very individual process. Nurturing a reflective practice that suits you individually is important. This supports the quality of your reflective practice.

For some people a reflective process will be taking some time out to simply think through their day. For others it can involve writing things down. Including using drawings and doodles, and a journal to track things. Others find doing self reflection meditation to reflect on their day is a good way to facilitate that reflection.

Creating your own Reflective Practice

So finally, what would you like your practice of self-reflection to look like? When you consider developing a reflective state of mind what are the things that you feel could potentially hinder that? What do you think you can do to address this? Can you identify the steps you can take to develop a more reflective state of mind? Work to find a reflective practice that supports you. Create one that is relevant to your life and professional position and resonates with you.

It takes time to develop a reflective practice. This is part of the process and yet so worth it. So take note, active personal reflection is a priceless opportunity. It supports self-discovery, personal growth and achieving your true potential. Why not take that first step.

Reflective Journals

Struggling to know where to start? Here are some reflective journals around personal wellbeing, empowerment and growth to start with. If you need more one to one support get in contact with me directly

Signs of Wellbeing Journal: 

Take those first steps into a reflective practice. Feel Good to live Great.

Super Power Me – Reflective Journal:

Take those first steps into a reflective practice. Reflection for self improvement.

Thoughts to Thrive – Reflective Journal:

Take those first steps into Self Reflection. Create thought patterns that enable you to Thrive.

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