Long Term Wellbeing: What does it take? Time, effort and dedication.

Improving your wellbeing is not a quick fix, doing one or two things every few months is not really enough to create a significant shift in your levels of wellbeing.

There are 3 keys things that are required to support us in creating a positive shift in our levels of wellbeing and those are time, effort and dedication.

Consider it a bit like undertaking training to become a consistent 10k runner. You could just try to run a 10k without any training, you may complete the race, but you will feel the impact of no training in the days after your run. You take your rest days, you do your run days, you do your long run days and your short run days, all with the aim of completing the 10k. By giving your running the time, effort and dedication it requires you can achieve that. The same principle applies for building wellbeing.

Working to improve our wellbeing is not a quick fix process. Working to improve our states of wellbeing requires like running time, effort and dedication. Just like we work to train our bodies for physical endurance we also need to retrain our brains, internal thinking and our daily narrative to improve our wellbeing. It takes reflection, accountability and willingness to change, which in turn support you to start to create those shifts that support a long-term sense of wellbeing.

Key areas that need regular mindful attention to promote long term wellbeing are self-acceptance, personal growth, life purpose, positive relationships, autonomy, and environmental mastery. Taking the time to be proactively engaged in considering these aspects of your life on a regular basis, helps you to explore what may need adapting or improving. Putting the effort into addressing those changes will facilitate that change. Dedication in implementing new ways of thinking helps those changes become engrained ways of living.

What could you do today to start your own support system to build your wellbeing levels, how much time can you give yourself on a weekly basis, and what commitment can you make to yourself to perservere? Take a moment and think what that would look like for you.

Our motto is: “Feel Good to Live Great”